By being lost, you have found the Interactive Escapes Free Online Secret Hunt FAQ page!

Q: How does this big grid answer sheet thing I'm using work?

A: Once you've placed all the answers into their correct location in the grid, you will be able to find the final (online) location!

Q: Can you give me a clue?

A: Sure! The answer to one of the cells is *212 sinks* and it is directly above *202 sinks*

Q: Can I have another clue?

A: Uh...OK...*M Peter Gadd* is an answer to a cell in row C

Q: What do I do once I've filled out all the clues?

A: Take the first letter of every answer in the first column. (spaces and punctuation count as letters). Take the second letter from every answer in the second column, the third letters for the third column and so on. Once you have all the letters, combine them, and there's your final step.

Q: Last question! Can I have one more clue?

A: Er... seems like you want a lot of clues... um... *TO: BE destroyed by* and *DARK four?* are the answers to two cells in an odd column and a consonant row.